Car rebate: Should I choose the rebate and low rate?
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By Joe Giunta http://www.about-online-loans.com
November 15, 2003

Car rebate: Should I choose the rebate and low rate?

You're about to negotiate the terms of your zero percent interest rate and the business manager has offered you an option to take a low rate. In return you will receive an automobile rebate. Should you choose the zero percent or the low rate? Before you make that decision read on.

The business manager makes his money through the interest rate. A low rate will make him less money and a zero percent rate may leave him broke. It all depends on how his boss has set up their commission structure.

The zero percent advertising has got you in the door but the low rate combined with the attractive automobile rebate is what you may be going home with. The dealer will offer the rebate because it may help to increase his commission while also helping you save money. But while your low rate / rebate combo sounds attractive, be careful that the dealership is not inflating the price of the car to make up for the rebate.

Make sure you know what the best price you should pay for the automobile before entering the dealership. Refer to the article Car Price Quote: Negotiate by knowing exactly what you should pay. Once you know what a good price is you will be able to know if the dealer has inflated the price in exchange for your rebate. This information should make it easier to decide whether it is worth choosing a low rate.

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